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My favorite writers courses and conferences

Posted by Jocelyn on Dec 04, 2010 in | 0 Comments

Sat, 12/04/2010 - 04:01 -- Jocelyn

If you are an aspiring writer and would like to take your writing a step further, consider asking for it for Chrismas this year: a course, a book on writing (see my recommended books in the "On Writing" section, or registration to a writers conference. For some great online courses on writing, check out this link from one of my good author friends: She has a couple of excellent courses that can be taken online in two different genres- fiction and freelance. If you are looking for conferences to attend, we have a great one coming to my hometown, Cedar Falls, Iowa, in June 2011, where I will be speaking a couple of times. Registration isn't open quite yet, but will be soon. Click here for contact info in the meantime.. There are also very good ones in other locations. Here are some links: (California) (Chicago) (Muskegon, MI) (Colorado) (North Carolina) Find something you would enjoy and put it on your Christmas list this year!