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Signed Bookplates: Free to First Forty

Sat, 2017-03-18 08:46 -- Jocelyn Green
Thank you so much to all who participated in our Blog Hop Give-aways for The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection! The winners have been drawn and notified via email.  My co-authors and I have been blown away by the response to this novella collection. Listen to what just a few readers have been saying: "Each and every one of these stories is uniquely different and yet perfectly part of a whole; creating absolute pleasure within its pages and utter satisfaction for its readers." ~Rebecca Maney "Sometimes in novella collections there may be one or two stories that don't quite equal the others. Not so in this one. I found them all to be delightful. If you enjoy historical romance, this is a book for you." ~Pam K. "These books do not read like short stories. They were just good novels under one cover. I loved each character and felt their heartbeat of love and hope as I read."  ~Brenda Murphree Thank you to all who have read and reviewed this book! Reviews are so important and helpful for both the book and for potential readers.  If you have your own copy of the book, I'd love to send you a custom-made bookmark and a bookplate signed by all five of us. I have a limited number to send out, so it's a first-come, first-served basis. All you need to do is email me (jocelyn[at]jocelyngreen[dot]com) with a picture of you and your book, or it could be your book with your pet, or your book in your favorite reading spot. Be sure to let me know if I can share that photo on social media, and please include your mailing address, as well. (Those of you who already sent me these items after receiving my e-newsletter--your goodies are in the mail!) If you haven't gotten your own copy of the book yet, good news: I just noticed it's 40% off at Amazon, BarnesandNoble, and ChristianBook. (Also consider shopping at your own local bookstore!) I'll keep this drawing open until the end of April. Thank you, readers!  

Message in a Bottle Book Launch and Give-away! (Blog Hop Stop #5)

Mon, 2017-02-27 11:14 -- Jocelyn Green
Flames lapped at the monk’s robes. He raced down the corridors that crackled with the collision of dampness and heat, dodging fire-lit debris. So this was to be the end, then. The night the stones of Ballyfir Monastery would tell their last tale… So begins the tale of a humble monk, his unwavering courage, and the bronze bottle he sends into the night with a prayer that its contents might bring hope—the very word etched into the bottle—to someone, somewhere. The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection follows the journey of that same bottle throughout the centuries in five novellas. It travels the world and touches hearts… and today, we’d like to invite you along for that journey. Would you care to come along with us for a look behind the scenes in this short five-stop blog tour? At each stop, one of the five co-authors will interview another, to take you chronologically through the novella collection and unwrap some fun bonus material. Joanne is kicking us off with an interview of Heather, who wrote the first novella in the collection.  Oh! And don’t miss the chance to enter the giveaway (more information at the bottom of this post). Thank you for joining us, friends! Go Behind the Scenes with Joanne Bischof I'm delighted to be hosting Joanne on my blog today! I'm sure many of you already know and love her work, including her most recent full-length historical romance, The Lady and the Lionheart. Joanne Bischof has a deep passion for Appalachian culture and writing stories that shine light on God’s grace and goodness. She lives in the mountains of Southern California. When she’s not weaving Appalachian romance, she’s blogging about faith, folk music, and the adventures of country living that bring her stories to life. She is a Christy Award-finalist and author of Be Still My Soul, Though My Heart is Torn, and My Hope is Found (WaterBrook Multnomah).  1) Did you learn anything new in the research for The Swelling Sea? Joanne: I learned a lot about rowboats in the Victorian era! It seems such a small thing but rowing plays such a large role in this story that getting the details as correct as possible was really key. Feeling really outside of my element, I read articles about the different types of boats available during that time—both for leisure rowing, and for sport, which is what the team of four young men in this novella do. I also studied up on which colleges did or didn’t have a crew team in 1890. I watched dozens of videos on the sport and the techniques involved from rower positions to signals and calls. A friend who’s a rower helped me immensely with the details and what began as one of the biggest challenges of the research ended up being a really special collaboration. 2) What makes your heroine unique in this story? Joanne: I’d say definitely her memory loss. During a near-drowning, she suffered from oxygen asphyxiation as a child and has never fully recovered. Her symptoms not only included her having to relearn how to use some of her motor skills on one side of her body, but working on regaining her memory—and as the story plays out—learning to make peace with the possibility of not regaining some memories at all. Her personality is a lot of fun because she gets confused easily and it’s rather endearing. She’s also strong and determined, so she doesn’t let it beat her. I think it’s one of the reasons why the hero, Jonas, is first taken with her. She’s very unique and that made her a fun heroine to get to write. 3) What kind of role does the setting play in The Swelling Sea?  Joanne: The setting is a big one as the novella is set at the historic Hotel Del Coronado. As a native southern California girl, Coronado Island is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s just a two-hour drive from where we live and any excuse to head that way is worth it. Crossing over the great bridge is a magical experience and seeing the grand Hotel Del which was built in 1888 is even more special. I’ve visited it many times and each time, get to discover new nooks and crannies of the hotel. It’s iconic enough to have been filmed in “Some Like it Hot” alongside Marilyn Monroe, and has housed many famous actors and actresses as well as 14 US presidents from Taft to Kennedy. Walking its halls and corridors, and standing upon its beach is like experiencing a whimsical part of Victorian-era history. I hope that as readers discover it within Jonas and Rosie’s story, they’ll understand the magic pull it has and why I return to that place time and time again. 4) How does writing for a collection differ from writing your individual novels/novellas? Joanne: It differs in the sense that we all have a common thread to stick to. With this series, of course, the bottle, and what a fun one it was! What made this collection extra unique, is that it begins with a unified prologue and ends with an epilogue, both which tie the stories all together. The bottle also travels from novella to novella, so there is a commonality touching the hands and lives of all our characters. That made it really special. Not only for the stories themselves, but for getting to work that closely with the other authors. 5) Any lessons or elements of encouragement you hope the reader will take away from your novella? Joanne: This was the first time that I didn’t think I would be able to complete a deadline. Due to some personal trials, the writing for this novella was easily harder than any other story I’ve written. When I was near to giving up (and my agent and co-authors were rallying around me) what happened is that I began to simply write my heart right into the tale. Like Rosie, I didn’t have it all together, but like her, I wanted to cling to the promise that there is always hope. It was such a gift from the Lord, that amid my own struggles, I got to be a part of this collection centered around that one, incredible word. HOPE. My greatest wish for this story is to bring that very reminder to readers who might be going through their own trials or struggles. That it would be a reminder that we’re never alone, and the world is a large place filled with hurting people who struggle just like us. It’s a comfort in knowing that we walk shoulder to shoulder with so many others.   The Giveaway  Thank you for being here! If you haven’t had a chance yet, do hop over and enter this hope-themed giveaway, which we hope will be a blessing to our readers. Top 3 Reasons to enter: We want to celebrate you! We’re so thankful for our readers, and this giveaway is one way we’d like to thank you. Super quick and easy giveaway form—as simple as entering your name and e-mail, then clicking through to submit! As you’ll see, there is a chance for additional entries, but it’s entirely optional. …you could win a wee plot o’ land in Ireland! Not to mention this. . . And the . . . This was the final stop in our Message in a Bottle 5-stop blog hop! (Psst, if you missed my interview on Maureen Lang's blog, you can find it here.) If you’re just now joining us, do stop by Joanne’s post. She kicked us off with a wonderful interview with Heather and we’re so excited to share some behind-the-scenes fun from each story with you. Thank you for joining us! (One final note: If your comment doesn't appear on my blog at first, never fear. They will wait for me to moderate and approve them, which I will do as often as I can. Thank you for your patience with me on this, as I am finishing up my next novel this week, as well!)  

Give-Away Winners Announced!

Tue, 2017-02-07 15:53 -- Jocelyn Green
I'm pleased to announce the winners from my recent The Mark of the King five-book giveaway and blog tour. Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to the winners: Mary Tullila, Vera Godley, Elisabeth Kim, Nikki McComas, and Susan Heim. My publicists from Litfuse Publicity Group will be in touch via email with details on how to claim your prize. You can also email your mailing address to info {at} litfusegroup {dot} com. Congrats!

Double Give-Away with Laura Frantz!

Tue, 2016-12-13 16:27 -- Jocelyn Green
I'm so delighted to share a release date with one of my favorite authors, Laura Frantz, whose book A Moonbow Night launches on January 3 right alongside The Mark of the King! To celebrate the "birthday" of both our eighteenth-century-set books, we are teaming up to give one lucky winner a set of both new releases! (Details on how to enter at the end of this post.) Here's the blurb for A Moonbow Night: Her wilderness survival skills are without rival.  But her greatest talent is keeping other people's secrets. After fleeing Virginia, Temperance Tucker and her family established an inn along the Shawnee River. It's a welcome way station for settlers and frontiersmen traveling through the wild Cumberland region of Kentucke--men like Sion Morgan, a Virginia surveyor who arrives at the inn with his crew, looking for an experienced guide.  Though he balks when Tempe is appointed to lead his team through the wilderness, it isn't long before Sion must admit that her abilities may outmatch his own. But can the tenuous tie they are forming survive the dangers waiting just around the bend? With her signature sweeping style and ability to bring the distant past to vivid life, Laura Frantz beckons you to join her in a land of Indian ambushes, conflicting loyalties, and a tentative love that meanders like a cool mountain stream. And the blurb for The Mark of the King: Life in This New World Requires More Strength Than She Ever Imagined After the death of her client, midwife Julianne Chevalier is imprisoned and branded, marking her as a criminal beyond redemption. Hoping to reunite with her brother, a soldier, she trades her life sentence for exile to the fledgling French colony of Louisiana. The price of her transport, however, is a forced marriage to a fellow convict.  New Orleans is nothing like Julianne expects. The settlement is steeped in mud and mosquitoes, and there is no news of her brother, Benjamin. When tragedy strikes, she turns to military officer Marc-Paul Girard for help, but does he know more about her brother than he will admit?  With her dreams shattered, Julianne must find her way in this dangerous land, where only grace--and love--can overcome the stigma of the king's mark upon her shoulder. Now, if you're already familiar with Laura Frantz and love her writing, the good news is that RT Reviews says you'll love The Mark of the King too! :)  What an honor! Some books just immerse the reader in the setting, and I think Laura's novels are all excellent examples of that. What is it about a book that makes you feel like you are "right there" with the characters? Leave a comment answering the question, and you'll be entered in the drawing! You may enter by commenting either here, or on Laura's blog. Your entry will be counted either way! *Enter by the end of Dec. 31. The winner will be announced on release day, January 3!   Bonus: Free Gift within Moments! Psst! If you're new around here, welcome! I'm so glad you've stopped by. Did you know that when you subscribe to my e-newslsetter, you'll receive a FREE Christian Historical Fiction Travel Guide? Plus, you'll be part of an exclusive mailing list that is the first to hear about new book releases. It's only mailed one to three times a year, depending on how many books I have coming out. Ready to subscribe and receive your free gift? Do it here. Thank you! (You'll get the link free link once you confirm from your email inbox that you really want to subscribe.)

FREE Christmas Tale with Guest Post by Author Amanda Dykes

Mon, 2016-11-21 10:00 -- Jocelyn Green
I'm so delighted to hand over this blog space to author Amanda Dykes in just a moment. I've gotten to know her over the course of the past year or two as we have worked together on The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection, a set of five novellas written by the two of us, along with Joanne Bischof, Heather Day Gilbert, and Maureen Lang. This month, Amanda is gifting all of us with a free ebook of her Christmas novellette, Bespoke, so I invited her to come tell us about it. Below, she shares straight from her heart... I’m staring at this screen, at the carefully-laid plans for this blog post that I’ve been adding to all week, and wondering why it won’t come together. The plan is in my head, but I can’t lasso the words long enough to capture them. So I think—if it’s alright with you, I’ll just gently lay those plans aside, and instead share with you my heart. Here goes… A few years back, I wrote a story about a girl (Aria) and her father (Giovanni St. John). A tale of the tender but scarred terrain of their lives and the unexpected beauty found there in the brokenness. There are other things too—bicycles, blacksmithery, a secret symphony, a bundle of Christmas wonder… but looking at it right now, it’s that idea of the scarred terrain, destined for redemption, etched in my thoughts. You see, and I’ll mention this corner of my life just briefly only in order to share a little about where I’m coming from—parts of it hit home very closely for me this season. I’m living just such a story of a girl (me) and her father (who went home to Heaven this autumn). I’m not Aria, and my father was nothing like Giovanni St. John (other than being musically brilliant), but losing my Dad has my thoughts freshly rooting into the idea of redemption and beauty in the midst of heartbreak. Broken places heal, this I know. And the scars left behind tell stories. Of what happened, yes. But also—maybe even more than that? Of the One who knit that torn place back together, fashioned something beautiful of it. Long about the middle of that Christmas tale, there’s one little line that holds the heartbeat of the story: “…scars are places made strong again. They don’t function like they did before, but they’re strong for something. Something that matters.” (From Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale) I got curious about that little word, “scar”, and looked it up. It’s from the Greek word eskhara, which literally means “hearth, fireplace”. A hearth—a holder of comfort, life, warmth. Could our scars—seen and unseen—embody such things? Could the most shattered places in our lives, when cradled in the scarred hands our Healer-God, be the places that offer the most comfort and hope to others if we dare to let Him use us in that way? Pondering these things, it struck me this morning as I was reading, and happened upon this quote: “…somehow there is good brokenness that grows out of every scar and wound we will ever suffer.” (Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way, p. 56). It’s the age-old, everlasting story of transformation and redemption, which I—and maybe you, too?-- am holding fast to it this year. It was my greatest hope when I wrote Bespoke that the tale of unlikely transformation might point to the greatest story of all eternity: God’s redemption in our lives. After all… Aria and James may have made something beautiful from something broken in the story, but we… we get to live the real miracle of beauty for ashes. “[He will]…bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes…” Isaiah 61:3 Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale is a free download for just a few days more--until the end of November.--at Amazon, BarnesandNoble, and other retailers. If you’ve already downloaded it, I do so hope you’ll enjoy spending a wintry afternoon warming your heart by the Blacksmith’s forge or the Silent House’s hearth, listening in on the fishermen’s Christmas concert at Trouble Cliff. And if you haven’t had a chance to grab the book yet, may I invite you in to this enchanting Victorian island in the English Channel for a tale of hope and healing? The symphony is waiting… About Amanda: Amanda Dykes is a drinker of tea, a dweller of Truth, and a spinner of hope-filled tales. An emerging voice in Christian fiction, her novelette, Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale, released to critical acclaim from Publishers Weekly, Readers’ Favorite, and more. She’s especially excited to be a part of the Message in a Bottle Romance Collection releasing this March, right alongside Jocelyn and four other incredibly talented co-authors!  

Easy Peasy Give-away of 55+ Inspy Novels!

Tue, 2016-11-15 14:49 -- Jocelyn Green
As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, I want you all to know that I am thankful for you! So I’ve teamed up with more than 55 fantastic inspirational historical romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner! You can win my novel Spy of Richmond, plus books from authors like Connilyn Cossette, Elizabeth Camden, Kristi Ann Hunter, Michelle Griep, Roseanna White, Melanie Dickerson, Suzanne Woods Fisher, and more! This is the easiest drawing to enter I've ever seen. It will take less than a minute--maybe less than 30 seconds!  Enter the giveaway by clicking here: Good luck!

Interview with Amelia Rhodes + Giveaway!

Fri, 2016-11-04 16:13 -- Jocelyn Green
Happy Release Week to Amelia Rhodes for her new book Pray A to Z: A Practical Guide to Pray for Your Community! My copy of this book is already well-loved. Whether you’re a seasoned prayer warrior or just beginning to talk to God, Pray A to Z is guaranteed to bring new meaning to your prayer life. Profound in its simplicity, this book is an invaluable tool to keep us in conversation with God, and to keep the needs of others at the forefront of our minds. Because we pray to a God who answers, I can’t wait to see how this book changes the world around us. Amelia is here to answer a few questions for us today, and her publisher has generously offered a free copy of Pray A to Z to TWO winners! (Details on the giveaway after the interview.) Q: Pray A to Z is not an instruction book on the mechanics of prayer, but rather a guide to praying for one’s community, born from your personal experiences. Where did the idea of praying from A to Z come from? One day within the span of a few hours, I received phone calls and text messages from a number of friends who were all dealing with very heavy struggles. Each one asked me to pray for them.  Of course, I said I would, but at that point I recognized how often I fail to follow through on praying long-term for people. As I prayed that day, I also asked God to help me with my prayer life. I realized how many people I knew were struggling with the same types of things — adoptions, cancer, marriages. The idea of praying by topic seemed natural, and then I decided to see if I could make an A to Z list of all the needs and struggles facing our communities today.  Q: You lead readers in praying through the alphabet for their community, but there are more than just 26 topics in this book. Share with us how the book is structured and how you have organized the individual letters. Each letter features prayers and prompts on five topics. Three topics for each letter focus on prayers of petition, and two focus on praise. So we pray about adoptions, abuse and alcoholism and then praise God for His abundance and that He is almighty. We pray for marriages, missionaries and ministers and those in the military while praising God for His majesty and mercy. Q: Why did you feel it important to include aspects of praise and adoration, rather than having only need-based topics? The needs get heavy and overwhelming. I found that incorporating praise brings the focus back to our great God. Praising Him helps us recognize how every need we have is met in who God is. Q: What are some of the prayer needs you cover in the book? I covered the needs of families in our communities, such as foster families, special needs families, pregnancy crises, raising children, marriages, divorce, adoption and infertility. I also take a look at many of the justice issues facing our societies today, including prejudice, homelessness, hunger, human trafficking, refugees and violence. The prayers also include topics related to how we interact with our communities, including generosity, kindness, estranged relationships, joy, obedience to God, vanity and our yearnings. Q: Why is it hard for us to pray with focused intention for the requests of those around us? Our world has become increasingly chaotic, with an endless stream of chatter and alerts from our tech devices. Every week the news reports more heartbreaking tragedies. I find with so many things calling for my attention, it can be easy to let prayer get squeezed out of the day. Sometimes I just don’t know where to begin, or I can’t find the words to express the ache in my soul. My heart and mind often jump from need to need. Writing and then reading these prayers and verses has become a starting place to bring my focused attention to God in prayer for my community. About Amelia: Amelia Rhodes lives in Michigan with her husband and two children. Amelia encourages women to discover who they are in Christ and to deepen their relationships with each other. She is the author of Pray A to Z: A Practical Guide to Pray for Your Community (Worthy Inspired, 2016) and Isn't it Time for a Coffee Break? Doing life together in an all-about-me kind of world. Her writing has also been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Upper Room, and GEMS' Girls Clubs.  Connect with her online at Twitter: @amrhodes Facebook: @ameliarhodeswriter Instagram: @ameliamrhodes   Giveaway Details! To enter the drawing for your own copy of Pray to Z, please leave a comment telling us why you'd like it! If you have subscribed to my (Jocelyn's) newsletter, tell me that in your comment and receive an extra point.  (Psst, if you haven't subscribed yet, you can do so right here--and receive a free gift when you confirm your subscription!) Thanks for your patience as I approve the comments as I have time! Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win! Looking forward to hearing from all of you. Winners will be drawn using on November 22. Winners, I will email you to ask for your mailing address. Pray A to Z is available wherever books are sold, including: Amazon, BarnesandNoble, ChristianBook, and BooksaMillion.  

Interview with Heather Day Gilbert + Giveaway!

Tue, 2016-11-01 08:08 -- Jocelyn Green
Friends, I am so excited for two reasons. First, I turned in the manuscript for Free to Lean: Making Peace with Your Lopsided Life last night! Woohoo! (It releases from Discovery House in August 2017.) Second: today is RELEASE DAY for Heather Day Gilbert's amazing Viking tale, Forest Child! Find it on Amazon, BarnesandNoble, iBooks, Kobo, and Goodreads. I had the privilege of reading this early and endorsing it. Here's what I had to say: Forest Child is one of the bravest works of fiction I’ve ever read. Brimming with tension, yet laced with tenderness, this powerful saga is sure to keep you turning the pages far into the night. An ingenious blend of Viking history and timeless issues of the heart still relevant today. Heather graciously answered a few burning questions I had after reading Forest Child: Heather Day Gilbert 1) What first inspired you to write inspirational Viking stories?  I was interested in my Viking heritage (I'm allegedly related to Eirik the Red/Leif Eiriksson via my Norwegian blood), so I bought a copy of The Sagas of Icelanders. I read up on them and found stories of Viking women who did heroic things—one was a Christian named Gudrid, and one was a warrior named Freydis. 2) Well that is the coolest thing, being allegedly related to Eirik and Leif! I love both God's Daughter and Forest Child so much, but I think Forest Child is my favorite. Do you have a favorite character that you've written? If so, which one and why?  That is always such a tough question. I'm a little bit in love with each of my leading men (and some of the side men, like Leif Eiriksson and Snorri Thorbrandsson!). I think it's because I'm in my main characters' heads, so I'm writing men I know fit with that character—but the men, as you know, are far from perfect! I would say I love Thorfinn Karlsefni for a fave male character and probably Freydis for female in my Viking series, but don't tell Gudrid I said that! She would probably stew over that slight for weeks. Gudrid tends to ruminate on things, whereas Freydis just rushes right into situations. Let's just say I relate to Freydis a bit more. ;) 3) I had a hard enough time doing research on eighteenth-century France for my upcoming novel. How on earth did you research for these books?  It is tough, because there are limited written records of the Viking era. I based both novels so closely on The Saga of Greenlanders and Eirik the Red's Saga that the plotlines stemmed from there. One fantastic resource I discovered while writing Forest Child is the site. They study/replicate Viking weapons and warfare, but have also compiled some helpful articles on things like Viking farm life and the Althing council meetings. is another helpful online resource. And of course I've accumulated a lot of books on the period! As you know, when you write book 2 in a series set in a particular time period, you have a better grasp of the foods they ate then, materials used for clothing, houses, etc., so that makes those details easier to integrate the second go-round. 4) Freydis, daughter of Eirik the Red, was quite a strong, brave character! In telling her story, were you tempted to gloss over some aspects if her life or character? How did you handle that?  Oh, yes. Yes indeed. I would have loved to leave out one of the most defining moments of her warrior "career", but I knew that was impossible. Every Norse historian knows exactly the event I'm referring to—it was that famous. So I knew there would be no glossing over it! But because I have a strong Christian reader base, I knew I had to make sure the violence wasn't over-the-top and graphic. It was a real tightrope of balancing her real-life actions with a story that wouldn't make you hate her. It took years of pondering and a heavy blanket of prayers to finally break through and discover a reason I thought could explain why a woman would have taken the action she did. After I wrote that pivotal scene, I felt such a sense of relief. It still seemed a bit edgy compared to most Christian fiction, but I felt God helped me handle it in a way that (hopefully!) wouldn't alienate any of my loyal readers. And as it turns out, many of my readers are saying they love this book more than God's Daughter, so that is just evidence that God did this thing, not me! 5) I thought you handled that scene amazingly well. I'm so thrilled that you have another Viking tale coming out in March in the Message in a Bottle Romance Collection! Can you tell us just a little about what we can look forward to in that story? I'm so excited about this collection, because you know I'm dying to read YOUR novella that's in it! My novella shares the tale of a Viking, Ari, who sails to Ireland to take vengeance for his brother's death, but through a series of God-directed events, he winds up getting to know a rather solitary and bookish Irish princess named Britta. Will they learn to overcome their cultural differences and trust each other? I'd probably better stop right there, because I have a tendency to be a walking "spoiler alert"! Thank you so much, Heather! It's going to be a fantastic collection, I can't wait for it to release in March! Thanks so much for letting me visit, Jocelyn! And right now, I have four softcover book bundle giveaways going on to celebrate the release of Forest Child. Here's the link for your readers to check those out: ! Enter before November 13 for a chance to win!  Yes, these are amazing book bundle packages! See the photo collage below and then jump to the link Heather provided to enter the drawings! Congrats, Heather, on your truly wonderful new book.  

Guest blog post from Jordyn Redwood: What's Nursing Really Like?

Wed, 2016-07-20 09:16 -- Jocelyn Green
Dear friends, I'm delighted to have Jordyn Redwood as a guest on the blog today! Her bio is at the end of this piece, but I want you to know right away that Jordyn has been my medical consultant for every single piece of fiction I've ever written. If you're a writer, do yourself a favor and visit her Web site, where she corrects medical myths and answers questions sent in by authors like me, who want to make sure we get the facts straight regarding injuries, recovery, etc. You can search the blog for the issue of your choice, and if you don't find it, send her a question personally for her to answer for the entire world's benefit. Jordyn is an amazing asset in that way, and a published author herself. Her most recent release is a Love Inspired Suspense called Fractured Memory! Without further ado, I'll let her take over! Psst: stay tuned for a give-away opportunity at the end! A friend of mine from high school read my recent release, Fractured Memory, and sent me a note expressing how much she liked it. But it wasn’t the normal things someone says when they’ve read one of my novels—like what a great suspense book! This friend is my longest friendship. We met in 7th grade. We are now in our forties. Likely only my parents and my husband know me better so her comment stunned me a little. She noted that the book gave her great insight into the field of nursing—almost like she had read a personal journal. This stunned me. Of course, I’ve shared my trench stories with her, but there was something about the way I wrote this fiction book that gave her great insight into my real life. Fractured Memory was contracted through Love Inspired’s Blurb to Book contest. Due to the short writing deadlines, it was definitely a case of write what you know. Julia Galloway’s (the heroine) life is patterned after my nursing career and she makes statements that are very true of my career. In one scene, Julia is asked a little bit about her profession. She says, I’ve had the worst day and the best day in one day. This seems like an impossible reality. The truth is, I have saved a patient and lost a patient in the same day. The highs and lows of the nursing life compressed in a tumultuous twelve hours. And I know I’m not alone in this. The lows in nursing are soul crushing. I’ve told a child her parents are dead. I’ve told siblings their sister has died. I’ve handed dead infants over to weeping mothers. When a nurse loses a patient she cannot go home. Rarely, is she even given down time to process the events that have happened. Why is that? Because there are rarely replacements for her and there are always more patients waiting for a bed. Waiting for someone to take care of them. Somehow, she must figure out how to maintain mental composure, when inside, her heart is broken. The frustrations can be mind boggling. Nurses wear many hats. We can be respiratory therapists, techs, chaplains, counselors, and advocates all in one patient visit. At times, especially in pediatrics, I have to work alongside a parent that I know has purposefully injured their child and still treat them with respect. The highs are remarkable. Helping a family through a crisis. Helping a child on the road to recovery. Giving a well child back to their family when death was almost a certainty. Perhaps it’s easier to share the intimate side of nursing in the safety of a fiction novel because the truth can be somewhat shrouded under its guise. I don’t have to openly confess that the things I deal with every day have both lifted my spirits in unimaginable ways and yet broken me in a way that may never heal. I hope Julia’s story touches you in the way that it did my friend. That not only will you not be able to stop turning the pages, but that you’ll also stop and consider what the nurse’s life is like—particularly the next time you interact with one.  About Jordyn: Jordyn Redwood is a pediatric ER nurse by day, suspense novelist by night. She hosts Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog devoted to helping authors write medically accurate fiction. Her first two medical thrillers, Proof and Poison, garnered starred reviews from Library Journal. Proof was shortlisted for the 2012 ForeWord Review’s BOTY Award, 2013 INSPY Award and the 2013 Carol Award. Poison shortlisted for the 2014 INSPY Award and the 2014 Selah Award. In addition to her novels, she blogs regularly at Redwood’s Medical Edge and the WordServe Water Cooler. You can connect with Jordyn via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, her website and via e-mail at Give-away! Jordyn is generously offering one print copy of Fractured Memory to a U.S. resident. To enter, please tell us your favorite book, TV show, or movie that has a medical theme or health care professional as a main character. Be sure to include your email address when you comment so that I can contact you if you win! The winner will be chosen on Aug. 1 and notified via email. The winner will have three days to reply before I would need to select an alternate winner. Subscribers to my e-newsletter (sign up here) will be given an extra point--AND you'll receive for free The Christian Historical Fiction Travel Guide, a seven-page document full of my favorite books and the related sites you can visit! With plenty of input from other avid readers, the books on this list span four centuries of American history and reach from sea to shining sea. Just include in your comment that you are a subscriber to receive the extra entry. Good luck! If you leave a comment and it doesn't appear right away, it's just waiting for moderation. I'll be checking throughout the day and week to approve comments. Thanks for your patience!

Meet Cheri Cowell! (Christian Authors Network Scavenger Hunt Stop #14)

Fri, 2016-07-08 16:29 -- Jocelyn Green
WELCOME to Stop #14 in the Christian Authors Network Scavenger Hunt! We hope you enjoy meeting twenty-five authors as you chase down clues for the chance to win our grand prize: one book from each one of us, for a total of twenty-five books! For details about how to enter the drawing, visit this page. It’s also the starting point for the blog hop, so if you’ve missed any stops before mine, you can get started in order from that page. *The scavenger hunt is going on from now until midnight on July 23, 2016. Without further ado, let's talk to Cheri Cowell! Cheri, you won an award this year, tell us about it. I was honored to win the Selah Award in the gift book devotional category for my book, 365 Devotions for Peace published by Zondervan. I'm also thrilled that it is not only available at your local Christian bookstores but also in those book racks next to the flowers at truck stops and grocery stores. I pray it helps many who are searching for peace in this troubled world. On your website you are called a "sidewalk theologian," what does that mean? I love taking the complicated questions of faith and breaking them down, making them simple, like talking with a friend while standing together on the sidewalk of life. I have a seminary degree, but have found joy in communicating truths simply. That's great! Is that what your new Bible study does? Yes. One Story, One Mission, One God is a 12-week overview of the entire Bible, and it is written for those who may have gotten the stories of the Bible in bits and pieces but don't know how it all fits together. I want people to know the Bible isn't two stories–an Old one and a New one–but it is one story with one mission from beginning to end, about the One True God. If you leave a comment on my blog where I interview my scavenger hunt author, you will be entered to win a drawing for a signed copy. You've written other books, tell us about those. My first book was Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of your Life, about knowing God's will. I've also written Parables and Word Pictures, a Bible study in the popular Following God series, and Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls, about how to share the gospel in a new way to reach a new generation. Tell us a little about you and how people can learn more. My wonderful husband of 31 years, Randy, and I live in Orlando Florida. I love National Parks, scrapbooking, and flowers. I love to connect with readers through my website, blog, quarterly newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thank you Cheri! OK hunters, the phrase from this stop is: We operate Don’t miss the next stop on Cheri’s blog where she will be hosting Margaret Brownley! And if you missed my interview on Sherry Kyle’s blog, find it here! When you're ready to enter the contest for the grand prize (after collecting phrases from all stops), click here to send in your entry: BONUS GIVEAWAY: As an extra thank you for being here, I'm giving away one copy of one of my Civil War novels, winner's choice! (For an overview of each of the four novels, visit my fiction page here.) For a print copy, the drawing is open to U.S. residents only. If you're an international reader and you win, I'm happy to send you an e-book format! To enter this individual drawing for one of my novels, simply leave a comment telling me which novel you'd like to win and why. By the way, if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for my e-newsletter here, which will keep you updated with my new releases. (I have three books coming out between September 2016 and March 2017!) Just for signing up, you'll also receive for FREE The Christian Historical Fiction Travel Guide! It's a seven-page document full of my favorite books and the related sites you can visit! With plenty of input from other avid readers, the books on this list span four centuries of American history and reach from sea to shining sea. Enjoy!


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