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Goodreads Give-away for Refresh!

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Sep 20, 2016 in | 0 Comments

In case you haven't heard: Refresh, the new devotional book for parents of kids with special needs, has officially launched! To help celebrate, Kregel is offering 15 copies in a Goodreads give-away. Enter here by Sept. 30: 

At this point, I could tell you more about this book, but I'd much rather let a reader...

4 New Historical Novels Not to Miss

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Sep 18, 2016 in Journal | 0 Comments

*A note to blog subscribers: since we are still experiencing formatting issues in the emailed blog posts, please click the title of this post to read this on my Web site so you can see paragraph breaks and links. So sorry! Thanks for your patience!

Over the past few months, I've had the pleasure of reading and endorsing four historical novels covering a broad range of history and subject matter. Each one is so different from the next, and yet they are all wonderful works that I'd highly recommend! Here's my take on each of them. (I'm putting them in chronological order...

Available for Pre-order: The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection!

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Sep 05, 2016 in News | 6 Comments

Exciting news! But first, a bit of housekeeping: dear blog subscribers, I know we've had some formatting issues with the blog posts that arrive in your email inbox. We're working to resolve these. In the meantime, if the paragraph breaks aren't showing or the hyperlinks aren't working, please click the title of the blog post and read the content on my Web site--that should be a much less frustrating experience! Thanks for your patience!

And now--hip hip hooray! The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection is now available for pre-order at...

Attention bloggers! Review opportunity

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Aug 23, 2016 in News | 0 Comments

Quick note for you bloggers out there! If you're interested in joining the blog tour for Refresh, register here by August 29. Those who are reviewing Refresh on the blog tour will receive their complimentary copies of the book by October 8, and the tour will run from November 7-11, 2016. (Read Kregel's Blog Tour Rules and Regulations here).

For more information about Refresh: Spiritual Nourishment for...

Guest blog post from Jordyn Redwood: What's Nursing Really Like?

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Jul 20, 2016 in Give-aways | 20 Comments

Dear friends, I'm delighted to have Jordyn Redwood as a guest on the blog today! Her bio is at the end of this piece, but I want you to know right away that Jordyn has been my medical consultant for every single piece of fiction I've ever written. If you're a writer, do yourself a favor and visit her Web site, where she corrects medical myths and answers questions sent in by authors like me, who want to make sure we get the facts straight regarding injuries, recovery, etc. You can search the blog for the issue of your...

Meet Cheri Cowell! (Christian Authors Network Scavenger Hunt Stop #14)

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Jul 08, 2016 in Give-aways | 60 Comments

WELCOME to Stop #14 in the Christian Authors Network Scavenger Hunt! We hope you enjoy meeting twenty-five authors as you chase down clues for the chance to win our grand prize: one book from each one of us, for a total of twenty-five books!

For details about how to enter the drawing, visit this page. It’s also the starting point for the blog hop, so if you’ve missed any stops before mine, you can get started in order from that page.

*The scavenger hunt is going on from now until...

Available for Pre-order: The Mark of the King!

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Jun 24, 2016 in News | 0 Comments

At long last, The Mark of the King is available for pre-order! The novel releases Jan. 3, 2017. Here's the book blurb!

Sweeping Historical Fiction Set at the Edge of the Continent

After being imprisoned and branded for the death of her client, twenty-five-year-old midwife Julianne Chevalier trades her life sentence for exile to the fledgling 1720s French colony of Louisiana, where she hopes to be reunited with her brother, serving there as a soldier. To make the journey, though, women must be married, and...

New Novella Collection Contracted!

Posted by Jocelyn Green on May 14, 2016 in Books, News | 6 Comments

Drumroll please!

I am so delighted to announce that I've signed a contract with Barbour Publishing, along with four other talented authors, for The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection! The five of us are currently hard at work writing our novellas, each from a different era and location, tied together with a single bottle that finds its way across the world and through generations to bring hope. My particular novella is set in one of my favorite periods: you guessed it, the Civil War. 

We've been sitting on this news for sooo long! Look, I'm wearing a turtleneck...

When Disease Takes Your Children

Posted by Jocelyn Green on May 10, 2016 in Special Needs | 0 Comments

In honor of MPS Awareness Day (May 15), I'm handing the blog over today to Shannon McNeil, a mother of two children diagnosed with MPS III, or San Filippo Syndrome--one in heaven now, and one still gracing this earth. Some of the McNeil family's story is included in my upcoming release, Refresh: Spiritual Nourishment for Parents of Children with Special Needs. But today, she's going to give us a more complete picture by sharing with us the talk she recently gave to a group of women at her church. I hope you'll take a few moments to hear her heart, below. (Don't miss the video at...

NEW: Christian Historical Fiction Travel Guide

Posted by Jocelyn Green on May 07, 2016 in News | 5 Comments

I love immersing myself in a great book, and then visiting the book's setting. And clearly, many of you love doing this too! These three photos were sent to me by three different readers who took Widow of Gettysburg on tour in Gettysburg. (Thanks Christin Faber, Meghan Gorecki, and Rebecca Halton!) 

Reading about a certain time period and setting before visiting makes the location really come to life--and the history, as well. With that as my inspiration, I've just compiled the Christian Historical Fiction Travel Guide, a seven-page document full of my favorite books and...


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