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Heroines Behind the Lines Series

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Spy of Richmond is meticulously researched historical fiction that shares the struggles, courage, fears, and faith of ordinary citizens who lived in extraordinary times. Jocelyn is a master at weaving historical facts into her novels so the reader is simultaneously educated and entertained. A captivating story that brings history to life.

Jessica James, author of Noble Cause and two-time winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction


The story [Widow of Gettysburg] took me beyond history into a sacred place after the battlefield. Bitterness and sweetbread, brokenness and restoration, desperation and hope, hunger and relief, and hatred and powerful love triggered my senses. As a field hospital chaplain for over seven months in Iraq after the Battle for Fallujah, I also experienced the amputations of the body, spirit and soul. My return home and encounter with the families and friends of the fallen has been much more difficult, challenging and purging of my soul than I imagined. This book was extremely painful, but the healing of my soul was worth the excruciating pain.

Ron Camarda, Military Writers Society of America