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Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front

“From the heroines at home supporting the heroes abroad, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front deploys timeless wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement for living life today.” ~Jane Hampton Cook, author, presidential historian and national TV commentator

“Behind every battle are the families who bravely fight at home, waiting and praying for their loved ones. Karen Whiting and Jocelyn Green bring you into the homes and hearts of those families and their inspiring stories. From the French and Indian War, to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and every war America has seen in between, you will be tempted to keep turning pages!” ~Sharron Carrns, U.S. Army Wife and Blue Star Mom

The book, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front, represents hundreds of years of history that, up until now, has gone largely unnoticed and uncelebrated. While generations have gone to war, those who stayed behind were the backbone holding them up. These stories capture the fascinating and inspiring history of the heroes at home, from the very foundation of our nation up until the present day. The book is organized into themed weeks that begin with “original words” —an excerpt from a letter, journal, news article, etc.—and end with “glimpses into daily life,” which give a richer taste of what life was like during a particular period of history. The stories are personal snapshots of real individuals who survived—and in many cases thrived—while displaying great courage, love, and personal sacrifice on the home front. Read excerpts here.(link is external) Visit the Web site.(link is external) 

Release Date: 
Jun 13, 2012

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