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5 Questions (& Coffee) with Jaime Jo Wright

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Nov 13, 2017 in Journal | 2 Comments

I'm thrilled to welcome Jaime Jo Wright to the blog today to talk about her new release, The House on Foster Hill (Bethany House Publishers)!  I first met her at an ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference, but really got to know her last summer when we roomed together while attending a writers conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since she hails from Wisconsin, she's a fellow Midwesterner, which means we totally dig each other's denims and plaids. (hee...

On Books, Bread, and Fish: Christy Awards 2017

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Nov 11, 2017 in News | 2 Comments

This week I travelled to Nashville to attend The Art of Writing Conference and the Christy Awards Gala, hosted on the campus of Lipscomb University. The last time one of my books was a Christy finalist was 2013, for Wedded to War, and I skipped the Gala so I could stay home and write. Afterward, even though my novel didn't win, I second-guessed my decision to forfeit the opportunity to gather with like-minded writers. 

For those who aren't familiar, The Christy Award™ is...

Why Does It Take So Long? Book Publishing from Conception to Publication

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Nov 03, 2017 in Behind the Books | 10 Comments

Every once in a while, someone will ask me why, for the love of new releases, does it take so long for my next book to come out? After all, I turned A Refuge Assured into the publisher (the first time) on March 6, 2017. It releases Feb. 6, 2018. Eleven months in between? What gives?

The process varies according to author and publisher, so I will just speak to my own experience, and I'll use A Refuge Assured and the team at Bethany House as an example because...

Recipe: Mom's Best Pumpkin Bars

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Oct 30, 2017 in Recipes | 0 Comments

It's pumpkin season! That means there is no reason not to make these delicious bars. This version is an adaptation of three of my mom's pumpkin bar recipes. It's the best from each! You can add raisins and/or walnuts if you like, but since my children are opposed to finding "debris" in their bars, these are simple and still so delicious. This recipe makes a LOT of bars, so it's great to share with others. OR make a pan, frost them, and freeze as many as you want to! I experimented with this, myself, since you all know my love of making food ahead and freezing it. I was going to wait two...

Look for the Light

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Oct 15, 2017 in Journal | 8 Comments

As the days are getting shorter this fall, I can’t help but think back to the long winter nights I experienced as Coast Guard wife living in Homer, Alaska. I could tell a marked difference in my spirit. We lived pretty far south in the state, so on the shortest day of the year, the sun started rising around 10am, and started setting again around 3pm. I’m grateful I wasn’t in the dark any longer than that every day.

Sometimes, though, we can feel like we’re in the dark no matter what time of day it is, can’t we? Maybe it’s uncertainty that blocks our view of the future. Or perhaps...

13 Ways I Put Off Writing

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Oct 04, 2017 in Journal | 2 Comments

During the past few months, I have not been nose-to-the-grindstone on what I call a “raging deadline” (which is the deadline for the first time I turn in a new book to the publisher). But I have had deadlines for revisions, edits, proofing, and a self-imposed deadline to finish the proposal for a future book.

I’m pretty good at proofing right away, but if it’s heavy rewrites or synopsis-writing that calls my name, I suddenly find some other URGENT matters that must be addressed first. I might hear a tiny voice whispering, “You really ought to sit down and tackle your current work,”...

Mental Health Awareness, A Daughter's Schizophrenia, and Faith

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Oct 03, 2017 in Journal | 2 Comments

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Week, I'm so pleased to be talking to Virginia Pillars today about her book Broken Brain, Fortified Faith: Lessons of Hope through a Child's Mental Illness. I first met Virginia at a writers conference several years ago, and I'm so delighted her book, which chronicles her journey through her adult daughter's schizophrenia, won the 2017 Selah Award for Memoir. I listened to the audio version of her book recently, and...

Recipe: White Bean Chicken Chili

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Sep 26, 2017 in Recipes | 4 Comments

In the next few weeks, I'll be ducking into my writing cave, hammering out a rough draft of the novel that will release in early 2019. That means I'm not going to want to spend much time in the kitchen every day, so I'm "nesting" by cooking up a storm and stuffing my freezer full of meals. One of my go-to meals is White Bean Chicken Chili. I usually cook it in the crockpot one day, save some to have for leftovers the next day, and then ladle the rest into a gallon-size freezer bag to add to my stash. It's easy and delicious! See for yourself:

1 Rotisserie chicken, pulled apart in...

The Mark of the King Named Christy Finalist

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Sep 21, 2017 in News | 0 Comments

Two years ago this week, I attended a Christian fiction writers conference. Since my previous publisher for my Civil War novels had decided not to acquire more fiction, I was on the hunt for a new publisher. So with one-sheet in hand, I met with a few editors and pitched the story that later became The Mark of the King

Of course, I had no idea if the book would be published at all at that point. After meeting with the first editor, I thought maybe my publishing gig was all dried...

What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Life Season

Posted by Jocelyn Green on Sep 19, 2017 in Journal | 1 Comment

Today on the blog I'm so pleased to welcome author and speaker Janet Thompson, whose new book is Mentoring for All Seasons: Sharing Life's Experiences and God's Faithfulness. I first met Janet when we roomed together at a conference several years ago and we've been friends ever since. (I'm pretty sure we bonded right away when we realized I had forgotten to pack pajamas--how did I manage that?--and she had packed two sets! Nothing like borrowing your roommate's PJs...


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