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As the award-winning author of six nonfiction books for the military and four Civil War novels, Jocelyn regularly speaks on a variety of topics (please see below). Download her Speaker One Sheet. If you're interested in having Jocelyn come speak to your group, please fill out this Speaking Event Worksheet and email it back to speaking [at] jocelyngreen [dot] com.

Inspiring Faith & Courage

Jocelyn's work within and for the military community and  her knowledge of the Civil War lend themselves to several inspiring presentations, including:

  • Women's Work: Pioneering Nurses during the Civil War
  • The Civilian Experience at Gettysburg
  • Faith at Gettysburg
  • Step Aside, Scarlett: True Stories from Civil War Atlanta
  • Underground Richmond: Unionists in the Confederate Capital
  • Saviors, Survivors, Soldiers, Spies: Women in the Civil War
  • A Legacy of Faith & Courage: Stories from Yesterday's Military Wives
  • Soul Armor for the Military Wife
  • The 5 Love Languages and Deployments


On Writing

With experience as a magazine editor, freelance journalist, freelance book editor, and author of both fiction and nonfiction, Jocelyn offers insight on a broad range of writing topics, such as:

  • How to be Your Editor's Favorite Freelance Writer
  • How to Write a Book Proposal 
  • Common Mistakes Novelists Make--and How to Avoid Them
  • Devotions that Make a Difference
  • The 5 Love Languages for Novelists
  • What to Expect During Your Book's First Year
  • 9 Ways to Bolster Your Historical Research
  • 10 Tips for Time-Starved Writers
  • Mobilizing Influencers to Market Your Book
  • Social Media Marketing 101
  • Cross-promotion: Complementing, Not Competing, with Fellow Authors
  • The Author Newsletter: Platform’s Secret Weapon
  • Nuts & Bolts of Collaborative Book Projects

What Others Are Saying

"As a public services librarian, I've interacted with many authors over the years and I've found Jocelyn Green to be one of the most professional and well-organized that I've encountered.  Her book programs offer fascinating details about the research involved in creating historically accurate fiction and are always well attended."

~Aleta Anderson, Public Services Librarian, Cedar Falls Public Library, Cedar Falls, Iowa "

Jocelyn Green brings wisdom, humor, as well an amazing knowledge of history and of the military spouses whose lives have served as inspiration for those of us walking the challenging but rewarding path of being 'married to the military.'  Jocelyn’s tender heart and keen understanding of the military spouse experience along with a true desire to love and encourage those who serve on the home front made her the ideal speaker at a “5 Love Languages” event that our Leadership Spouse group hosted.  Everyone truly enjoyed hearing her talk and we all walked away not only encouraged by her words but feeling like we had a new friend."

~Judy Huffman, Navy Spouse and Former Hampton Roads Continuum of Resources and Education Planning Committee Chairperson

"Beyond merely breathing life into the written word, Jocelyn seals her skill as a true communicator by conveying her passion for the lives of her characters to audiences attending her speaking engagements. It is evident that Jocelyn has great respect for her characters and their motivations as she describes in a manner as impactful as if through her memory, their suffering, courage, and faith. Audiences who accompany Jocelyn in exploring these characters beyond the pages will find themselves inspired not only by what these women overcame but also by Jocelyn herself. As a motivational speaker on topics including faith, courage, and inspiration, I highly recommend Jocelyn Green."

~Denise Doyle, former COO of Seminary Ridge Museum, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“Jocelyn spoke at Regent University’s inaugural Military Wives Appreciation Dinner on 'A Legacy of Faith and Courage.' Jocelyn’s remarks were extremely well-received and pitch-perfect in inspiring this generation of young military wives who sacrifice so much for their families and nation. I have already recommended Jocelyn to other guest speaking opportunities in the military community.”

~ David Boisselle, Director of Military & Veterans Affairs, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

"Because of her commitment to historical research, and her heart-to-heart connection with those in the audience, I would travel many miles (and have done that!!) to hear Jocelyn speak.  She makes history come alive to those fortunate enough to attend her presentations.  It's story-telling at its best--because it's true!"

~Linda Montgomery, Cru Military field staff

"Jocelyn's presentation was such a blessing to me because I felt like she was speaking directly to my heart...saying just the right things I needed to hear. But, her message was perfectly applicable to everyone, not just military wives! She has such a way with words - she is relevant, captivating, and encouraging. She touches hearts and inspires souls!"

~Donna Purkey, Navy Spouse and author of Miss You to Pieces

"This was a fantastic presentation. Jocelyn's talk centered on a part of history that is normally overlooked--the civilian toll of battle. Her stories from Gettysburg brought to life people that until now have been forgotten. I didn't want her talk to end!"

~Jeff Dow, Rotarian

"Jocelyn Green is a gifted communicator. Most of the time when I listen to speakers, I jot down a few notes in a random notebook, and I never look at the words again. Jocelyn Green is different. She provides unique and practical information which I find myself referring to repeatedly. Jocelyn leaves her audience uplifted and empowered."

~Amy L. Sullivan, author and attendee at Breathe Christian Writers Conference

"Jocelyn Green offers Breathe CWC attendees excellent information and invaluable advice. Her workshops are well attended and we hear only good things about her presentations. We're always excited when Jocelyn agrees to speak at Breathe. We know good humor and good value always accompany her visit."

~Ann Byle, cofounder of Breathe Christian Writers Conference

"Jocelyn Green brings expertise, enthusiasm, love for people, and a servant's heart in her role as a speaker and presenter. As a speaker at writer's conferences, she shares expert advice with creativity and authority. As a keynote and special event presenter, she connects with audiences with spiritual depth, practical application, and compassionate insight. It is my privilege to recommend her for writer's conferences, seminars, special events, educational presentations, and as a speaker who is uniquely gifted to inspire her audiences."

~Shelly Beach, multi-award winning author and co-founder of the Breathe Writer's Conference and the Cedar Falls Christian Writers Workshop

To inquire about having Jocelyn come speak to your groups, please fill out this Speaking Event Worksheet and email it back to speaking [at] jocelyngreen [dot] com.