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Free to Lean: Making Peace with Your Lopsided Life

Listen up, ladies! Are you tired of always feeling like you don’t quite measure up? Do you wish you had more hours in the day to complete your to-do list? You are not alone! We all want a well-balanced life where we have time for everything we want to accomplish. But a “balanced life” should not be our goal—our goal should be to follow after Jesus. Then He will show us our priorities.

Refresh book cover

Refresh: Spiritual Nourishment for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs is spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. Parents need encouragement to restore hope and a passion for God in their lives -but the realities of having to be parent, nurse, therapist, and caregiver make it difficult to find the time or initiative to seek encouragement.  The devotional guides parents to spiritual truths that can be applied to the demands they face every day.

The 5 Love Languages Military Edition

224 pages, Softcover The 5 Love Languages® has a successful track record of helping military couples heal broken relationships and strengthen healthy relationships. Now this #1 New York Times bestseller has been adapted specifically for military couples.Special features of the Military Edition include: •Stories of military couples from every branch of service who have found ways to use the 5 love languages in their unique lifestyles •A Decoding Deployments section at the end of each love language chapter, offering tips on how to express love when you are apart. •A new chapter, Love Language Scramblers, explains how to speak the love languages through some of the most challenging times of a military marriage. •An updated Q&A section to include questions specific to military marriage.

Military Wives' New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs

480 pages, hardcover This special New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs includes 90 special devotions written by military wives and edited by Jocelyn Green, a former military wife who actively ministers to women in your situation. Let her words of help and hope, alongside God's Word, encourage you as you serve our country in your own way.Features:* 90 devotions written by military wives, for military wives that provide hope, encouragement, and spiritual growth* Preface from Jocelyn Green * Scripture from the New International Version* Topical Index and other study helps

If what you want—what you desperately crave—is a faith that shields you, a hope that sustains you, and a peace that defies the stress of your lifestyle, there is simply no substitute for the Word of God

Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front

598 pages, softcover * Golden Scroll Award, Advanced Writers & Speakers Association! This devotional book contains 365 true stories of struggles, courage, and actions of women, children, and men involved in the home front of American wars, in chronological order, from the French Indian War through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. These stories illustrate effective prayers, heroism, volunteer efforts, and daily courage. Special weekend devotions consist of original words from a journal, newspaper, letter, or newspaper, and glimpses into life during that era, such as fashion, pastimes, work, and celebrations. Each story includes a coordinated Scripture and a prayer for today’s military, families, or individuals encountering struggles.

Faith Deployed . . . Again: More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

252 pages, softcover *2012 Selah Award (Inspiration & Gift category)! *2012 Silver Medal, Military Writers Society of America (Spiritual/Religious category)! Faith Deployed...Again is for every military wife who wants more encouragement, who wants to deploy her faith-put it into action-again. Filled with insight from nearly 30 military wives, Faith Deployed...Again explores how the Bible relates to a variety of topics including marriage, deployments, self-care and care-giving, reintegration, combat trauma, parenting, frequently moving, daily perseverance, prayer, spiritual warfare, serving the Lord, and more.  This volume includes a bonus section for Blue Star Moms. Downloadable Small Group Study Guide

Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan

400 pages, softcover * Gold Medal Winner, Military Writers Society of America! Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan is a 365-day collection of inspiring stories of courage, perseverance, and faith based on first-hand accounts of more than seventy individuals who have served in the war. Through multiple, never-before-told stories, readers will uncover the personal challenges of the battlefield. Discover the experiences and perspectives of deployed soldiers, chaplains, military wives and parents, organizers of humanitarian efforts, and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  

Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

252 pages, softcover  * Bronze Medal Winner, Military Writers Society of America! Along with 14 contributing writers from every branch of service, Jocelyn Green speaks directly to the wives of service members. Faith Deployed is a collection of devotions that squarely addresse the challenges military wives face whether their husbands are deployed or serving stateside. The foundation of this devotional is the unchanging character of God and the anchor of Jesus Christ, even amidst the shifting circumstances of a military family. Downloadable Small Group Study Guide