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The 5 Love Languages Military Edition

"Finally, Dr. Chapman's reputable work with The 5 Love Languages and Jocelyn Green's insight into military life have produced the perfect combination to help military couples see that a healthy, loving marriage and a successful military career are both possible. This is the book we have been seeking."

~Holly Scherer, author and military life consultant

The 5 Love Languages® has a successful track record of helping military couples heal broken relationships and strengthen healthy relationships. Now this #1 New York Times bestseller has been adapted specifically for military couples. Special features of the Military Edition include: •Stories of military couples from every branch of service who have found ways to use the 5 love languages in their unique lifestyles •A Decoding Deployments section at the end of each love language chapter, offering tips on how to express love when you are apart. •A new chapter, Love Language Scramblers, explains how to speak the love languages through some of the most challenging times of a military marriage. •An updated Q&A section to include questions specific to military marriage. The 5 Love Languages profile will help you and your partner identify your love languages so you can put the principles to work for you immediately. Guided by input from dozens of military couples in all stages of their careers, authors Gary Chapman and former military wife Jocelyn Green offer you an unparalleled tool for your marriage with The 5 Love Languages Military Edition.


Release Date: 
Sep 01, 2016

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